The direction, structure and support I was given prior to my wedding was amazing.  Thank you for all that you did to help me feel and look great for my special day.  What you taught me will carry on with me throughout my life of taking care of myself from the inside out.
– Ashley

Shoshana’s vast knowledge of nutrition, how to pair and time certain foods helped me to reach my goals of competing on the figure stage for the first time. I was very impressed and inspired by Shoshana’s passion and drive to inspire others. Her plans were easy to understand, and she went above and beyond to ensure that I was on target. I seriously do not feel that I would be where I am today without her guidance and her inspiring approach to helping me stay on track!
– Sandy Weidmeyer
Shoshana Pritzker was essential in helping me obtain my goals to look the way I wanted in my fantasy dream wedding. Shoshana’s years in the industry and experience with athletes and tweaking their diets allowed her to give me the nutrition plan and advice I needed to get on track to fit into my dream dress. Without Shoshana I would have looked mediocre…with her, I looked fabulous!!
– Elena Rodriguez